Contract Manufacturing

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We offer expert advice and practical customized solutions at every point along the value chain.

Single services:

  • CPNP registration and support in case of registration in other countries
  • Design
  • Development and stability
  • Manufacturing of bulk, semi – finished , finished product
  • Samples manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology: liposomes in bulk and development of new liposomes

Full services:

We work close to our customers´ needs approaching each project based on a structured multidisciplinary process.

  • Step 1: Definition of the concept/idea/indications
  • Step 2: Definition and development of the formulation based on customers´ requirements and our know-how
  • Step 3: Price proposal
  • Step 4: Manufacturing of first samples for customer evaluation
  • Step 5: Stability testing and other possible testing
  • Step 6: Design (primary & secondary) packaging
  • Step 7: Manufacturing of the first industrial order