Leading through Innovation

Dermo-cosmetic products ingredients usually have large molecular sizes, so they are unable to penetrate the skin.

Solution: nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale to produce new structures, materials and devices with nano dimensions.

Liposomes are nano-sized structures whose composition is very similar to human cells. These vesicles are able to transport active ingredients through various structures such as skin and hair and penetrate to levels previously unimaginable.

Liposomes find their way into the hair root and the deepest layers of the skin. Liposomes protect unstable ingredients (such as vitamin C, which is easily oxidized) until the time of their release.

Further, the liposomes themselves, due to their composition of essential fatty acids are also capable of providing benefits such as an anti-inflammatory and epithelizing effects.*


*Sesderma Laboratories and the General University Hospital of Valencia Research Foundation conducted a study to determine how liposomes penetrate through cutaneous structures such as skin and hair.